"Sometimes it is not the song that makes you emotional, it is the people and things that came to mind when you were listening to the song."

Ever heard a song and wondered how much the songwriter knows about you? Music speaks to us through lyrics (well, including Carlos Santana’s guitar). There are moments that we listen to music that we love and would love to explain to people the kind of excitement or the relationship we have to the lyrics. This is my way of doing so.

Music is the language of the world and what is music without lyrics? This site is about understanding and interpreting lyrics in ways that we experience in our daily existence. As a lyric enthusiast, I enjoy learning from lyrics and interpreting the thoughts of the songwriter when working on a project. My interpretation of the lyrics might not reflect the meaning as that of the songwriter but how we as the audience are affected by or relate to the lyrics. Therefore my meaning of the lyrics is subjective because different people have different experiences to the lyrics.

The site is also intended to celebrate the genius in the song writers who have come to help explain our situations in a fun three and half minutes.

No matter how old the song, the message in the lyrics does not age. Nothing under the sun is new, same experiences in the 50s/60s as today. Or as Whitney Houston would say, Same Script different cast or the popular pop rock band of the early 2000’s, Bowling for Soup, High School never ends. Thus the music covered will not limited to current artists or songs but I will cover music from any era that I enjoy. Also, different genres as long as the song lyrics had an impact or a message that relates.