Carry On! Show Must Go On - Queen

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  • By: Brenda_Otin | April 20, 2021, 7:38 a.m.

    Our goals and dreams are gravitated towards the positive outcomes of life. We like to call it hope, the desire of having a better tomorrow than today. In most occasions, things don’t go as we wish or as we hope for and that is just part of life. I am not saying that hope is a bad thing to live by. Actually, it is what drives many people, otherwise there are many that wouldn’t be alive if it wasn’t for hope. I mean, what if tomorrow was worse? What if things were never going to get better? What if your destiny was suffering? Because there has to be a balance in life, not everyone can be on the same position, right? Despite all this, life has to go on. The universe will never come to a halt because you are having a bad day, the question is, how do you choose to live through the bad times, worse times and the worst situations that life will bring to you?
    Just six weeks before his death, Freddie Mercury performed Show Must go on. The lyrics to this song were written by Brian May (Queen’s guitarist) for Freddie due to his medical condition. It was an encouragement for him to live on doing what he did best, despite his near death. This is an encouragement from Freddie Mercury as he continued to perform despite approaching the end of his life. Even before I knew the story behind the song, it was already one of my favorites. When I first heard it I immediately appreciated the lyrical genius of the song. Just the title of the song gives strength to carry on, because the Show Must go on!
    If you stop to think about life, many questions will come to your mind. This is especially true for ‘overthinkers.’ Why are we alive? What are we living for? Why are we afraid of dying yet no one gets out of this life alive? In our worst, most of us go through these questions, better known as existential crisis. But why should we worry about the unknown? Why don’t we just choose to take a day at a time? Why not approach life with a smile? No situation is permanent. We may be down for a moment and the next things might look up. For those moments that we are down I reiterate what May says, “inside my heart is breaking, my makeup may be flaking but my smile still stays on.” Freddie smiled all through his final days. He didn’t let what the universe had in store for him limit his talent and abilities. He didn’t stay in bed waiting for his fate, instead, the show went on.
    People go through different hardships on the daily and no one knows everything about everyone. We live in a society that opening up is a problem because if you do you are labeled as an attention seeker or your problem is too small for you to be fussing. I am not saying that we should wear masks that show we are okay when we are not. All I am saying is that we should learn to live through it. “Outside the dawn is breaking but inside in the dark I’m aching to be free.” Let us not let temporary bad times control how we live and take life. Just like Freddie, let’s, “top the bill, overkill and find the will to carry on,” because life is sweeter when we choose to “face it with a grin and never giving in on a grin.”
    Whether you believe that life is what you make or life is up to fate, the Show Must Go On!

    Queen, Show Must Go On -

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    Best thing I've read today

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    Ataro Awinda

    Amazing writing Bree

    June 30, 2021, 2:01 p.m.
    Just John

    This is perfection. The way you write, I just go and add songs to my playlist. Thank you


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