Love and Boy bands - Music Highlights of the 90s

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  • By: Brenda_Otin | April 18, 2021, 5:16 p.m. | 1 Comments

    Whether we like it or not, at some point in our lives we find ourselves feeling deep emotions for human companionship. In simpler terms, we fall in love, yeah, I don’t know why the thought of it sounds funny to me. However, just like everyone else I have been in those moments a couple of times. As a music enthusiast, I go through all my emotions through music, including such kind. In my opinion no music best describe love better than Rhythm and blues of the 90s. My playlist for those moments when I am high on love take me back to the 90s. This playlist is lyrically inclined to the boy bands that hit the scene of music in the 90s some of my favorite songs of my favorite boy bands being;

    NSYNC, God must have spent a little more time. Goddamn! If this does not explain to you how you feel about someone you like I don’t know what does! Do you remember all the moments you tried to brush away your feelings for someone by looking at his/her cons and found none? Then thought, God must have had extra time just to create this being for you? Well, if you are love sick, try listening to the lyrics to this song and the hair on your skin will rise, your heart will melt and your knees will be like jelly when you see them, because all you will be seeing is a God’s gift of perfection for you.

    The only way I know how to describe Backstreet boys to someone who hasn’t of heard them is, “the band that sang ‘As long as you love me’.” It’s funny how love can make us oblivious to our senses that we would be willing to give up anything and do anything for our love just, “as long as you love me!” whether we like it or not we are caught up in this situations. If you haven’t been then have you really ever been in love?

    Westlife. Well, well, well, who hasn’t heard anything by Westlife? Ever heard of utopian love? That’s the kind I want. So far it seems impossible but for me it’s that or nothing at all. I am conflicted in trying to find the best explanation of love from just a single of their songs so I will recommend that you listen to as much as you can. Boyz ii men. The year was 1991, when the most powerful love song by a boy band was delivered to this earth.

    End of the road. Nothing amazes me more than the opening line to the lyrics of this song. “Girl you know we belong together I don’t have no time for you to be playing with my heart like this” I dare you to tell me that these aren’t the truest words that you ever heard? The lyrics to this song are for those people that tell you, “I love you but…” I mean what the hell do you mean “but…” ? Why would you want to go through the pain of not conquering the love you feel because you think there’s a reason why the two of you should not give it a shot? Why do you think you are so messed up that love can’t fix you? Why would you rather choose to live with a void when love that can fill you up is looking right at you? Why would you say it’s not time to love yet when love is already here? At the end of the day it’s you who ends up hurt. So give it a shot, will you?

    It’s love on a different tune when it comes to my lyrically favorite song by the boy band Take That. Back for good is my favorite. It speaks of a lost love or a love that for some reason never worked out. Story of my life. This song brings out my feels, to a point of choking me up. How can something so beautiful be so elusive? How can the other party not feel what I am feeling? How can they be okay being without me? How do they move on so fast? How can you say you love me when you can’t forgive me or listen to me? When all I need is for them to be back for good?




    Love indeed is a beautiful thing!

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    Sometimes it is not the song that makes you emotional, it is the people and things that came to mind when you were listening to the song.

    Have you ever heard a song and wondered how much the songwriter knows about you? Music speaks to us through lyrics (well, including Carlos Santana’s guitar)...