Strength of a Woman by Shaggy

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  • By: Brenda_Otin | April 22, 2021, 6:53 a.m.

    “So amazing how this world was made, I wonder if God is a woman.”
    Ten people walk into an office for a job interview, among them, three are women and the rest are men. The job needs only five people, all who pass are men. Do you think it’s fair that the five men get the job? Yes. I believe that the ones that pass the interview should get the job. What about women empowerment? One would ask. I believe in women empowerment too, the problem is that society is going about it the wrong way. Giving women special opportunities and positions is not women empowerment. In my opinion it is the opposite of it. It only means that you believe that without a leg up, women cannot make it on their own. It means that you believe they are weak so a special position has to be assigned for them so that they can acquire those positions without working as hard as their male counterparts. I believe feminism is laying out a level playing field for everyone and may the best human win. Man or woman, it doesn’t matter.
    Today’s society has men and women fighting, well toxic feminisms vs toxic masculinity. This is the most stupid argument that the society has come up with. Even the women fighting this war do not understand what they are fighting. I am not trying to turn a blind eye and say that women haven’t been at disadvantages, of course they have been, some just don’t understand the power that they hold. The strength that they possess as women. Naturally men and women are not equal, especially physically. Brain wise, I believe the playing field can be leveled.
    The lyrics to the song strength of a woman describes incisively the power and the strength that a woman holds. It’s not weakness to be soft and gently. It is a gift and a power that can change somebody’s foul mood. You can calm an angry person with gentle words and soft speech. A woman’s hug can comfort you when you cry because it is soft and warm and will protect you like a child. A woman’s smile and style can make you go crazy and in my opinion that is another strength of a woman. The gift of life is from both a man and a woman but we have to give props to women for the strength to carry and bear children then get back to business. So, don’t underestimate the strength of a woman.
    My point is, the war between men and women is that the society thinks women are weak and in their retaliation, women are not appreciating the gifts and strength that they already possess. Instead, most will say I can’t do this or that for a man, but did you consider that without you they might not be able to do it? I believe we are living in the best times currently. There are no skills specially laid out for a specific gender and instead we are free to choose what we want to do. The problem is instead of celebrating this freedom we are trying to fight each other. Men are strong and so are women, whatever we choose to do with our lives, the end goal is that we are happy. A woman can be in a male dominated career and vice versa but there’s no point to prove in it, the only thing to consider is our happiness.
    The fact that a woman can do what men can do and still fulfill her natural born gifts is the strength of a woman. With that said, I dedicate the poem Phenomenal woman by Maya Angelou to everyone that believes in the strength of a woman.

    Strength of a woman by Shaggy -

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