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  • By: lifestor | Oct. 1, 2020, 9:40 a.m.

    “Not all superheroes wear capes” is a common quote. However, no superhero wears a cape. (ssshhh, don’t tell the kids that just yet. I wouldn’t want to ruin their fantasies and imaginations). Unlike Metroman from the animated movie, Megamind or superman, no one is born to solely be a hero. As a matter of fact, I believe being a hero is a choice which comes from our personal experiences. The most genuine kind of heroes are those that have had to experience and overcome some obstacles in their lives.
    The beauty about heroes is that they are made. Anyone, including yourself can be one. As I say this, I am sure you are probably wondering why you should even aspire to be one. Truth is, you should not. It comes with a lot of responsibility and the reward of being lauded or praised should not be a reason to be a hero. I know many are seduced by the idea of being looked up to and loved by the society for the assistance that they can provide to people. From the lyrics to this song, it is clear that how you approach your difficulties can make others inspired and look up to you. Only that can make you a hero. How you take on your responsibilities to your family, friends and loved ones despite your limited resources or abilities could make you a hero.
    Sometimes we get discouraged and feel defeated in life. Some people get depressed, others live in anxiety and worry that they are no good or feel inadequate. However, as little as you feel the results of your efforts are, I guarantee you that it was worth the trouble of starting in the first place. Somebody somewhere is impressed and inspired by your struggles. You are a hero to somebody out there who is feeling worse than you are. Life can shake you and beat you down but as soon as you realize you have acquired a lot and can even do more, then it’s time to dry your tears and like a phoenix, rise from the ashes. “All the hurt, all the lies, all the tears that they cry, when the moment is just right you see fire in their eyes.” That’s right, we all got the fire inside that we should not let go of. A lion inside that when it’s time that we have discovered it in us, we should let it roar.
    “All his life he’s been told he’ll be nothing when he’s old.” Many of people have received backlash one way or the other, from the people we look up to, others that envy our potential that we might not be aware of and so they tend to get discouraged about their abilities and the outcome of their future. I still think that our goals in life shouldn’t be to aspire to be rich, but we should be as comfortable as possible in our lives and abilities. No one should make you feel worthless because you have one less digit in your checks, as long as happiness is your aspiration, that should be enough. That is enough to make you contented with your situation and hard work to reach your desires. That way you can be a hero to the little kids who want to be happy and contented with the little they can achieve. I don’t have to drive an expensive car if I don’t want to, just so that people could see me and know that I am able to meet their set standards.
    “All the kicks and all the blows he won’t ever let it show.” The world could step on you and mistreat you for not being as important as others feel they are. However, not letting it bother you makes you stronger than you know, also grows you a thick skin and a heart of steel. I believe most of us have been able to achieve certain things in life because we have gone through the worst of it. It is no secret that experience is the best teacher. The harder life kicks us the stronger we become, because, “when you’ve been fighting for it all your life, you’ve been working every day and night, that’s how a superhero learns to fly.”

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    Oct. 1, 2020, 3:49 p.m.

    Very true our experience makes us heros


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